Youngins Will Love Wicked

Wicked is Great for a Younger Audience

I finally got a chance to the see the musical that has divided opinion amongst so many. The show in London opened in the year 2006, received less than flattering reviews after its first couple of shows. Despite that, however, it has now been running for longer than any other musical that was released in the same year and is raking in the money. So be it polished acting or a change of taste in the target audiences, the benefit is mutual- for those are running it and for those who have decided to keep the show going on.

So I decided to look around for cheap Wicked tickets (unsuccessfully) and decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about. The show is based on the book by Gregory Maguire, released in 1995 which provides a take on the origins of the Wicked Witch’ from the Wizard of Oz. The musical begins with the Wicked Witch being subjected to all manners of prejudice and persecution because of her green skin in Oz, which is shown as the root cause for her transformation from a good natured girl to well, being Wicked.

The show is made to order for teenage girls and it reflected clearly in the audience the night I was there. The majority of them were young females with a few of them even dressed as witches. The show has everything that this group could relate to from anxiety about appearance, falling out between friends and even some love trouble thrown in between.

The show plays up the misjudged character part that all teenagers identify with and that is the main reason why so many youngsters identify with it. The music and the acting were good too and you could see the high quality production value is the musical. Nevertheless, the story play, acting and drama on stage was synchronized and well worth the money paid for.

I came out with mixed feelings although I had a little more understanding of why people were falling in love with it. Maybe because the show was not aimed at males in their late twenties so I did not form the same bond with it. I recommend you watch it once and make your own minds up, be forewarned, there are no cheap Wicked tickets! The price is well set according to the target audience it is focusing on and the entertainment that it provides.