Current and Upcoming Redskins Stars

Facts about Star Players of Washington Redskins

The third most valuable franchise in the National Football League (NFL) after the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, the Washington Redskins are expected to perform even better, especially because of the caliber of the players that they have. Some of the star players in the team are left tackle Trent Williams and nose tackle Barry Cofield, who have shared the captaincy of the team for the last two seasons. The combination of these two star players not only gives the team confidence but also gives fans reasons to buy tickets just to get the chance to watch the team play. Most fans usually have information on the places to get cheap Washington Redskins tickets, and hence, they rarely miss the team’s games. Williams (a two-time Pro Bowl player) and Cofield (a Super Bowl champion) are idolized by a majority of the team’s fans because of their superb performance, and they are expected to perform even better in the coming games.

The team has also added other star players, which include defensive end Jason Hatcher (born July 13, 1982), wide receiver Andre Roberts (a 2013 Pro Bowl player), left guard Shawn Lauvao, and wide receiver DeSean Jackson (a 2009 All-Pro and a three-time Pro Bowl player). These players are used to playing in the NFL, and they had already built good reputations from the teams they came from; hence, they are not expected to have major problems settling in the Washington Redskins. The arrival of these players plus the combination of the other players who are already in the team has excited the fans as they look forward to seeing the players in action. At the same time, it has given rival teams reasons to worry as facing the Washington Redskins will be a tough challenge for them.

Another star player in the team is Santana Moss, who together with Pierre Garcon (the 2013 team leader in receiving) and Robert Griffin III (the 2013 team leader in passing) forms a formidable offensive combination. A 2005 All-Pro, Moss is particularly considered to be the primary offensive player in the team especially because of his vast experience. He has performed well in the past, and this performance has been rewarded by being given a chance to play in almost every other game. Therefore, fans who buy tickets, especially those who buy cheap Washington Redskins tickets, get opportunities to watch the star players play entertaining and exciting games.