NATS Playoff Chances


After a not-so-pleasing 2013 season for the Washington Nationals, some things have changed for the team. They after all, do not want to play catch up always. It is all about winning, and winning decisively!

Current Happenings

Matt Williams, the manager of the Washington Nationals, has had to deal with a poor start to the season. Currently, things are not going according to plan.

The major players of the team have been making mistakes that should not be made at this point of the game. Ryan Zimmerman has had mixed fortunes on the pitch. The numbers of throwing errors that fans have seen this season so far are quite significant. Then there is Bryce Harper, who does not seem to be doing anything right. Suffice to say, there is no one that is happy with the man. In fact, his slow start was so disappointing that Bryce had to get a day off to clear his head. One hopes that this strategy will work and Washington Nationals will become organized.
Nationals’ struggles from 2013 seem to have carried over into this season. Washington has averaged 7.3 runs in six games against the Mets and Marlins.

The team also has to deal with another headache in the form of unwanted injuries. When it rains, it truly pours! With leading players of the baseball team from Washington like Scott Hairston getting injuries that will prevent them from playing for a while, things cannot get much worse. The team was considering bringing an extra pitcher for the series opener game in Atlanta, but ultimately decided against it. The coaching staff decided not to make any changes to the team’s lineup just yet.

The future of 2014 season

The Washington Nationals are not a weak team and injuries do not last forever, although they can recur.

Most of the young players on the team have some experience dealing with the unpredictable. As long as the manager Matt Williams can put together a team of players that are in good form when necessary, the Washington Nationals still have a chance at winning. The rest have some time to reorganize their playing techniques

Some players like Tyler Moore may be traded, but that all depends on the options the team has on its plate. Fans are expecting that the team to be more explosive in the next games.

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