Hunter Pence and The Giants

Current news for – San Francisco Giants

Sitting high on the National League West ladder are the San Francisco Giants, who are still the team to beat in the 2014 season. The team has had a fantastic season so far. Currently at 6 wins and 2 losses, the team has already played 7 games away and is finally looking at a stint of finally enjoying the home field advantage after clinching a win on their first home game. If the Giants can perform so strongly when they’re playing on the other team’s home turf, they should be even better at home. It’s true what they say about sports, hard questions are for the losing team, while winning teams like the Giants don’t have as much to worry about. However, although the overall team is winning, there are still individuals who appear to be struggling in the early stages of the season.

Hunter Pence started his season notably slow, with a mediocre batting average of .125, Pence is struggling at the plate. However, if history is a teacher, we’ll learn that a skillful player will have no problem rebounding from a slow start. Fans will just have to see if Pence can prove whether or not the slump is only temporarily. Meanwhile, in a more serious case, Pablo Sandoval who finished the 2013 season in terrific form also had his shaky start at the plate this year. Despite his heroics at Dodger Stadium a while back at hitting his first home run of the year, he has only managed a single over his last 8 at-bats since then. Similar to Pence, Sandoval is a player with pedigree and fans should see him break out of his supposed slump as the season continues. Lastly, Ehire Adrianza is another player having a slow start. Batting 13 times this season, the struggling batter only managed 1 hit and striking out 4 times in the opening games. The young prospect who only joined the team from last September is feeling the pressure of starting for the major league and maybe seen to be traded down to the minors as the season progresses. He still has time to turn his season around, but so far fans have been disappointed.

It is worthwhile to mention that the first pitch thrown out in the 2014 season at AT&T Park was from the arms of 5 years old Miles Scott, otherwise known as Batkid. Suffering from leukemia, the boy was the main hero in the “Make a Wish Foundation” event last year. The Giants will play their next game on Thursday. Fans may want to purchase their tickets for San Francisco Giants early as the opening game saw very good turnouts.