Indian Music Carving a Niche Globally

Music of all genres gives a person a power of expression of the thoughts that rule the people’s minds. Music originated in bollywood because of the effect the musical plays which are a part of the Parsi theater had on the early cinema of the 19th century. Here onward, even though every movie had a different story and concept behind it, there was good music accompanying the plot of the movies because Bollywood EDM Remixes and songs had become extremely popular in Indian cinema. With the technological advancement today the music in India is created with better techniques.

Majorly the bollywood films are massively consumed by Indian audiences only, whether they are situated in India or abroad. Bollywood music has great variety. They consist of everything from love songs to patriotic ones, the music ranges from Sufi music to special songs written for festivals, there are tracks which strike a chord in your heart and with some others you just can’t help but tap your feet. The Indian scenario is such that there is music for all occasions, happy or sad. It is basically just a popular expression of the human emotions. Only because the bollywood movies are so deeply rooted in the cultures of the society, the songs also become a device to express and project any dramatic scene of the film story in a better way.

There are series of cool shows and ravishing RJ’s which will keep you engaged and provide you maximum fun along with maximum music extravaganza! There are six shows which are played around the clock each based on various themes. Listeners can listen to those cool shows, request their favorite song, converse with RJ’s and share their day to day experiences with them! Moreover, they also bring forth various contests and actions which allow listeners to stay connected to the radio and win loads of exciting prizes. Cool 94.7fm makes it easy for you to listen to all the latest evergreen Bollywood music. There is no question that Bollywood music is a broad term that encompasses multicultural musical favorites from South Asia to Bhangra and is sang in several languages including Hindi, Urdu and Farsi. However, Cool 94.7fm is the best Hindi fm radio station in the UAE that is sure to satisfy your Bollywood music fix!

The whole Bollywood scene seems to be extremely renowned for the great song and dance sequence in most of the Indian cinema. The songs today are famous worldwide. Music in Indian movies is basically to entertain but it also acts as effective device to communicate some important things in the movie rather than the usual mundane dialogues. It adds largely to the emotional quotient of the Indian cinema as well. Music always captures most vulnerable emotions of the listener. The Indian music can make you laugh or cry with the extremely well written lyrics and good composed music. There are song montages which help to enhance the film and add to the novelty factor of the movie as well. Indian music has become so famous that bollywood as a dance form is growing throughout the world. People from all over the world travel to India in order to get trained in the Indian classical music from the great connoisseurs of music themselves. Indian musicians have their concerts placed all around the world now unlike before when it was just India. There’s a long way ahead for Indian music but one can clearly say that the pleasant journey has started!

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